Saturday, March 21, 2015

#601 PDX Carpet India Pale Ale - Rogue Ales

Our famous PDX Carpet can now be had in many forms, from actual pieces to socks or scarfs to stickers or even as a Grand Marshall of a parade. I have my piece of carpet in beer form naturally. PDX Carpet India Pale Ale is billed as "a non-traditional IPA with big citrusy, hop flavor and intense hop aroma." Sounds and tasted like a pretty traditional Northwest IPA to me.

When I root I root for the PDX Carpet!

People are pretty obsessed with this carpet and Rogue has been known to do some pretty odd things with beers. I'm glad this wasn't made with yeast harvested from the carpet or dry hopped with carpet remnants. It was a pretty frustrating beer with several chances, but ultimately no scores over 90 minutes. Wait, that was the Timbers vs Sporting KC 0-0 draw I was watching at the time. This is a tasty IPA and I'm glad to have some of the carpet without going with a shirt or tattoo.

Token PDX Carpet selfie

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