Thursday, March 26, 2015

#603 Rise Up Red - Hopworks Urban Brewery

It's March and I'm sitting in my backyard, my freshly mowed backyard, my thrice over freshly mowed backyard. It isn't usually like this in the formerly rainy Portland. I historically haven't had the luxury of lounging outside in the early spring. I've normally been at least damp if not soaked. While I'm not looking forward to the dry burning summer I am envisioning, I will enjoy the moment.

Beer frontend, MySQL backend
Hopworks is an awesome brewery, from their electricity generating bikes to their pizza with a shout out to my favorite area code. A red isn't generally my first choice of beers, but add India in front of anything makes it better. India Pale Ale, obviously. India for lunch, pass the dal and naan! India co-working, I'm think of you Nandu. I like hops and, as far as beer is concerned, adding India to the name mean you've added more hops to the kettle. This isn't a tongue splitter, clocking in at 65 IBUs and at 6.1% hits a good spot on the Ballmer Peak. That's important and I'm working on the database that will be powering this site, soon, in the near future, someday, I hope.

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