Sunday, April 12, 2015

#607 Gypsy Stumper - Double Mountain

Double Mountain, big ass beers in thick ass bottles.

Teaming up a logging themed beer with a Timbers game seems like a no brainer. Today they go together for better or worse and unfortunately it is for the worse today. Timbers are down against Orlando 0-1 at half time and this is the worst Double Mountain beer I've had yet.

On the bright side, there is still a half to go and the worst Double Mountain beer is still better than many other beers and most other breweries. Double Mountain brews some of the best beer in Oregon, which is a pretty bold statement. I haven't found a Double Mountain beer I didn't like yet. This one I just like less than others. It has a good initial bitterness at 80 IBUs, but doesn't really go anywhere after the initial bite.

When I drink, I drink Double Mountain

I'll dig around and see if I have a Vaporizer or Pale Death for the second half. That and hope from some better football from the Timbers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#606 Born & Raised - No-Li Brewhouse

Happy National Beer Day. This is a holiday I can really get behind. 

This is a cascading cavalcade of citrustastic C-hops. Locally grown Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops with just north of the border 2-row make a mighty fine beer. This is my first from No-Li, though they have been around for a while, early 90s. I haven't seen them in the beer shelves, but maybe i just haven't noticed them. Either way I'll be keeping an eye for them more now that I've tasted how good they are.

Pairs nicely with chicken and sweet potato burritos as well as database design.