Sunday, May 31, 2015

Shandy vs Radler, Beer...ish duke out

Two beers enter. No beers leave
I generally prefer a radler over a shandy only because radler is German for cyclist and shandygaff is much harder to say with a straight face. We* went side by side with Widmer's Hefe Shandy and Stiegl's Radler and the results were pretty clear in the first few drinks.

Stiegl came our swinging like a soda with a bit of something else, while the Hefe Shandy was most certainly a beer. It was very lemony, light and low AC, but very much a beer.

It's a good hot weather* beer and went well with a batch of fish tacos on a sunny evening. I've had a few of Widmer's hefes* and while this is in the range, it's not the same beer that had become ubiquitous in craft brewing.

Not only did Widmer mix their flagship Hefe with lemonade, but added Lemon Drop hops to the mix. These aren't a hop I've ever brewed with or even seen at my local homebrew shop. Something new here for beer-nerd, but oh-so accessible. It all comes together as sweet, but not a soda. A beer, but not a mass market lager. An easy drinking session beer just waiting for a bar-b-que.

* my beloved and I
* Upper 70's in Portland
* more than a few, but we'll leave it at that.

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