Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall's Clash of Beer Styles

Fall is a clash of beer seasons. In one glass the best of seasonal beers, fresh hop ales, but in the other there is the monstrosity of pumpkin beers. There's only one glass I'm drinking from this fall.

I've picked up a few and am looking for more in the coming days before this short season comes to a close. There hasn't been a disappointment yet with three beers for me to try for the 1st time and one I will pick up every time I see it.

Wild Ride - Journey to Planet Fresh-Hop: This is my first taste of this Redmond based brewery since their opening about a year and a half ago. If this is any representation of their normal output I'll be looking out for their other offerings.

Bridgeport - Hop Harvest: From field to brew in 1 hour. I've had that beat with vine to kettle in a few minutes, but I brew at a much smaller scale.

Double Mountain - Killer Green: Killer Green and Killer Red. Yearly standards in the fresh hop field and examples of what every brewery should be shooting for.

Gilgamesh - Fresh Prince: Best beer name of the group. Don't know why Team Gilgamesh has a few Fresh Prince of Bel Air themed brews, but I like it and applied a bit of Weird Al style.

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